Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chapter two

Today I went to McNally Robinson's with my mom. I wanted to buy a book that would motivate me in printmaking and what better printmaker to motivate me than the master himself, Andy Warhol. I love his prints. I can't wait to run my shitty Aoki drawing through the press. Okay, it's not that shitty. It's not brilliant, it's not Warhol, but 6 hours of squinting and trying to replicate my photoshopped Aoki portrait off my laptop, I can say I'm vaguely proud of my work. Well I scoured through a shelf that contained more than an abundance of cellophane wrapped Warhol books, and picked out a few that interested me; most of them ranged in the 60-70$ range, and after ogling the biggest, most expensive looking one, I ripped the cellophane off. If I'm going to blow [my mother's] cash on a book, I better be satisfied with the contents. Well turns out it was cheaper than the one I had originally looked at [60 vs 70 $] and definately looked like it contained the whole collection of his work, in big, bright, vivid color accompanied by black and white lifestyle shots checkered all over numerious pages. It was perfect. I rifled through a few more books for photography and found none that interested me enough to consider buying, so my mom and I headed to the till, rang it up and... "30$". Yup. It was marked down half price. Mother was stoked, and so was I.

I also learned tidbits and pieces about my Hasselblad camera. I learned that I actually need to charge the battery to get it working, I learned that if I ever felt like purchasing 10,000$ or more, I could buy a digital back for it, which I could switch back to film at the press of a couple buttons...I learned what it sounds like when you press the shutter: Amazing. I also learned a bunch of technical stuff that isn't worth continuing on about because it wouldn't "WOW" you as much as it "WOWED" me, because I am a nerd.

Speaking of Aoki I went to his show earlier this week. Whiskey got poured down my nose, bitches were stepping on my toes with high heels, he screamed out of the speakers as my ear got pressed against a speaker, I made him cringe when I hugged him after because I was dripping in more sweat than he was. It was amazing.

I also had an amazing skate sesh with my co-worker from West the other day. We learned to rock to fakie. It was radical. It could have easily been one of those days where I'd be there skating all day and time would have streaked by. And I mean skating; not sitting on a bench and talking about the latest skate gossip over a cigarette, and about how old and weak my limbs are becoming each year. Thank you Keegan. That was awesome. Kid :)

Hi David. It's 12:33 AM and I haven't talked to you since supper time. I miss you! Much love.

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